Be mindful that some of the case studies are password protected for confidentiality. 

Design system

Design System is documented as a comprehensive design guideline expressing the branded user experience and the library usage to developers and designers. The library saves money for development and creates a competitive product.


Components of design system

  1. Principles - Values
  2. Visual
  3. Custom Font
  4. Motion
  5. Interaction
  6. Haptic Interaction
  7. Tone & Voice
  8. Sound
  9. Evolving useful documentation (e.g. pattern library)
  10. Design components library ( e.g. Restful APIs)
  11. Proprietary APIs library for the third-party developers
  12. International (Latin, non-Latin, right-left language)

Which projects were Design System?

MYTF1 French TV streaming service

Ovi OS International mobile platform

MSD CONNECT Healthcare professionals portal

BPCE Emotional design language

Cloud Electronics OS

In-house AWS like system + Web OS for Sony devices + Automation logic


Few companies invest to work from end-to-end to develop a Design System similar level to iOS or Material Design. Ovi OS was probably the closest to that level, it rolled out to the world. Cloud OS has a minimal "visual UI" but high on intelligent interaction. 

Design Leadership

The hands-on leadership is for Interaction and Information Architecture tasks, which I do readily in the projects to frame the design comps. I collaborated to ask the right design questions and set the right design framework.   I am the gatekeeper of the design vision and collaborate to deliver a high-quality standard. 


MYTF1 French TV streaming service

Release in 2019 +24% viewership by the end of the year . Link to the site.

MSD CONNECT Healthcare professionals portal 

BPCE (Banque Populaire Caisse Épargne) Emotional design language

AXANCE Branding through Design Thinking

Interaction Design*

My experience at Interaction Design Institute of Ivrea in early 2000 broadened my skills in industrial design, computational design (Arduino & Processing), and service design. With their novel teaching techniques followed by other design schools nowadays, I learned that design is a catalyst for innovation.

I have a strong understanding of digital technology and experience in visual interaction design and usability testing.



Aéroport de Paris Indoor Map design and Map POI creation tool 

Reference design for indoor map look&feel and POI administration tool.

User interface design matching the elegance of Jasper Morisson's candy stick phone design.

Nokia Map Multi-modal mobility app 

Reference design and release of Berlin's public transport app in 3 months.

Nokia Map Drive 2.0  

Design strategy for drive assistance mode.

Parrot Mini-Drones 

Usability evaluation through heuristics and usage observation, Interface design recommendations through a quick prototype.

User interface design for an app creation tool. It creates in 3 easy steps a web app and published in the Ovi store.

Foresight Design

Working for R&D centers lead me to produce visions beyond the 5-year scope or 10 years, envisioning future scenarios for emerging technology not yet in the market.

Foresight design is about this ability to say "WHAT IF," and scoping with IMAGINATION and logical analysis of weak signs to provide a competitive edge to the company.


Invention themes

Gesture or Vision recognition system

Information visualization

Application areas: user interface, augmented reality, mixed reality, connected objects

Virtual mirror using shape recognition 2011


Material innovation Design Award Winner Milan Salone 2003

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