Rebranding Axance by Design


In 2017, project management consultants were added as a new division to Axance from Devoteam S-team to benefit Axance reputation being the pioneer on User Experience in Paris. With new members inside Axance, a new identity was a must to represent overall employees' values for their stability. 

And I could not bear to see the logo that was designed by the business team. For a trained eye, it had a fundamental flaw of shape balance and scalability in the usage.

Companies logo before
Companies' logo after


Throughout the seven months process, in the downtime, the design team lead the redesign of Axance identity internally by applying the collaborative method of Design Thinking. 

Our underlying intent was to engage all employees representatives so that the new brand symbolizes their voice, not just the agency. 

Global Engagement

At each stage, we included employees both from agency and consultancy. They also engaged in preparation for the workshop. So many that I cannot cite everybody.

Key designers were Antoine Coiffier,  Dikka Fallu and content strategy Julien Fraçois. 

A big thanks to the communication team who actively supported us to sustain the excitement on this project internally.

Workshop Identity

Key steps

Key steps

Core team

Project director
Project manager
Creative director
Communication team

Tasks as Creative Director

+ Overseeing the quality of the process
+ Workshops design
+ Setting the design strategy framework and positioning
+ Design brief
+ Collaborating and guiding designers
+ Helping designers on framing and finishing

Selected Works

Ovi OSDesign System

Emotional UI?Design Language

MYTF1Design Language

MSD ConnectDesign Language

Aéroport De Paris Indoor MapInteraction Design

Public TransportVisual + Interaction Design

Drive 2.0Interaction Design

Punkt MP01 |LockedVisual + Interaction Design

ADP POI Admin ToolInteraction Design

MiniDrones UI | LockedVisual + Interaction Design

Lexis Nexis Lean UX |LockedLean UX Service Design

Here Technologie | LockedDesign Performance

Cloud Electronics | LockedForesight Design

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