Case Studies of projects are confidentials

Service design guidance

I use workshops to clarify and align the vision of stakeholders from the organizational model of the operations to service modeling. Co-creation enables us to get the projects started on the right foot with the right questions.


Design Thinking •How Might We
UX agile MVP & Business model Canvas 
Information architecture • Proto-persona & Persona
Customer journey • Blueprint •Ethical design



Free2Move Business modeling workshop

Uniting different business units to envision the business operations and roadmap of the future.

MACIF Extreme Personae Immersive workshop

Enhancing ideation workshop with the claim center through a theater setup.

Natixis Payment Solution scoping workshop

Guiding the team to co-create the new Intranet site based on the user-centered design. Audit • Proto-personae • Ideation • Roadmap.

Lexis Nexis Lean UX for new product development

Guiding the team in the Lean UX method for envisioning new products. 

MSD Connect Merck Digital Strategy workshops

Guiding each marketing unit divided by lab expertise in clarifying its digital strategy.

Organizational design - UX performance

For the past five years, I have supported designers to become better at their craft or stakeholders to create a better workflow to bring out the values of the design team in their organization. I thrive on bringing in creative design culture or customer-centricity in the ways of working.

Contextual Culture Interview • Collaborator personae •RACI • Blueprint mapping • Workflow Visualization • Skills assessment • Ways of working workshops


Here technologies UX centric SAFE

Guiding 26 designers in change management to One app program.

MYTF1 Creating new ways of working

Organization analysis through the blueprint.  Workshops to define and evaluate new ways of working with collaborators and managers. Evaluating the budget for the change .

Pôle Emploi Helping to setup internal UX studio

Advising and helping in organizational structure and ways of working for creating internal UX studio.

Paypal EMEA Envisionning new ways of working

Evaluating the existing organization, culture, and processes. Proposing new ways of operations to integrate the HQ design business unit.

Axance & iD Farm Transforming to a high performing design team

Injecting design management, structure, new skills & roles to create an autonomous high performing design team in the usability agency Axance.

Teaching design methods

Design Thinking 101 • User Experienced Project Management Level 1 to 3• Ethical Design • UX agile • Design Ops • Service design


During three years I spent at Axance agency, I coached many institutions, including Axance itself as I created UXPM3, Design Thinking, UX agile, Design Ops, and Ethical Design contents as part of innovation methods.

Methods are easy to teach, but the mindset change comes from regular collaboration to shift the ways of thinking. People tend to apply some techniques literally in the hope of a magical transformation. 

My role as a coach or trainer is to support people who want to be challenged and encouraged to think outside the box. 

Key points in training







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