Public Transport app

3 months end-to-end to release

Applab created at the end of Ovi had a mission to release mobile apps related to mobility and location quickly. The first application was for the public transportation application, which complemented well the existing car navigation app. We were a self-contained team with one PO, one front-end, and one back-end developer, one user researcher, and one UX/UI designer myself.



In 3 months, we released the Symbian version of the app for the local partner, Berliner Verkehrsbetrieben (BVG) i.e., Berlin's public transport.
I created a substantial reference design document that was usable for 5 ~6 years .

Success factors

The team was composed of experienced people for each discipline.
The peers within the company are always open and collaborative to give their perspective.
There was a history of knowledge within the company to be repurposed.


End-to-end working collaboratively with the team and stakeholders.
From reference design to visual design handoff, I was productive to produce all the needed items for the release.

Reference design

+ Providing a broader perspective on the evolution of public transport app
+ Showing the flexibility of the UI pattern to different future scenarios


+ User Researcher
+ PO
+ Front-end developer
+ Back-end developer

Tasks as Senior UX/UI Design

+ Visualizing the behaviors of public transport users with users researchers
+ Sketching out the UI by hands first so that front-end developer can just start out to create a technical prototype
+ Basic research and illustrating all the use cases possible in the domains to check on the scalability of the UI design
+ Asking for internal reviews by peers the UI design for improvements
+ Working closely with the developers 
+ Handing off the assets 

Selected Works

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MiniDrones UI | LockedVisual + Interaction Design

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