Aéroport de Paris POI administration tool

Facelift or workflow change?

We looked into the existing tool. The look and feel suggested that the last time the team has updated the interface was practically a decade ago. Facelifting and essential usability change aside, the digital work environment has changed since that time. 

Our question was, "How can we create a system that will provide the most up-to-date information of POIs?".

In other words, do we keep the ways the administrator updates information, or do we change the operational flow?

Ways of Working

We did a quick audit of the existing tool and got feedback with the internal staff-users. The workflow is always  a tough question, so the workshop needed to involve the manager of the users to understand the vision of how they could see the future workflow.


Who are the users?

We used the workshop to explore and clarify the relationship between a group of users who could contribute to edit the information and users who have the authority to create (location and styling of the map).  

Administrators of the POI are not necessary on location, so the maps are not always up-to-date to give the right information to the passengers. 


In our future scenario, we have a map editor on a tablet and a  graphic designer and administrator in the back-office updating the map information. 

To go along this scenario, we emphasized to create a WYSWYG user interface design to update the map POI (use of stylus). 

Creating an itinerary by direct manipulation

Reference Design

We documented the concept as a high definition key screen user flow.  As the users narrowed to just the existing administrators, we lessened the Map editing WYSWYG portion to an UI based for keyboard and a mouse.


Design Lead & Interaction Designer


+ Pricing service and budgeting
+ Workflow scenarios & Design Strategy
+ Workshop guides and facilitation
+ Supporting designer to do his first users' interview
+ Sketching Interaction flow
+ UI designer reviews, guidance, and corrections


+ Senior Visual Designer
+ Intern

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