Drive 2.0


Clarifying how to integrate additional information in Drive Assistance mode of the Nokia Map navigation app.  A quick 2-week project in-between Ovi OS and Public Transportation app. 



I mapped quickly by primary research, the target users, and set the UI flow for each type of user to evaluate the best way to integrate additional information for drive assistance mode. 

Though the car is a computer now, the driver is doing enough multi-tasking on the wheel.  You need to design for the usage in the context of the car cockpit. 



Senior UX designer Akemi


+ Basic research
+ Interaction flow
+ Documentation

Selected Works

Ovi OSDesign System

Emotional UI?Design Language

MYTF1Design Language

MSD ConnectDesign Language

Aéroport De Paris Indoor MapInteraction Design

Public TransportVisual + Interaction Design

Punkt MP01 |LockedVisual + Interaction Design

ADP POI Admin ToolInteraction Design

MiniDrones UI | LockedVisual + Interaction Design

Lexis Nexis Lean UX |LockedLean UX Service Design

Here Technologie | LockedDesign Performance

Cloud Electronics | LockedForesight Design

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